4 Innovative Benefits That Help Your Employees Thrive

Guest Blog post by Julie Morris

Many companies overlook the power of offering innovative benefits to their team. However, with the current labor shortage, finding new ways to help your employees thrive is essential.

With the right offerings, you can position your company as an employer of choice and may have an easier time attracting and retaining talent. Plus, great benefits set your employees up for personal and professional success, increasing their job satisfaction, boosting morale, and ultimately improving productivity.

If you are wondering which innovative benefits can help your employees thrive, here are a few worth offering. Also, make sure to visit Tea at Mine for more empowering content like this article!

4 Innovative Benefits That Help Your Employees Thrive

1. Comprehensive Coaching Options

Most professionals face tough choices on a regular basis. They may have doubts about their career path, questions about the best way to raise their children, concerns about their financial health, or fears that they haven’t discovered their true purpose.

By offering access to a variety of coaches, you can give your team a unique kind of support. They’ll be able to work with subject-matter experts as they work to find answers to the difficult questions that arise in a person’s personal and professional life.

If you aren’t sure what to bring to the table with this benefit, here are some different coaching types that you could offer:

2. Mental Health Support

Overall, 26 percent of American adults have symptoms relating to a mental health disorder. Additionally, many professionals face short-term hardships where they could benefit from professional support and guidance.

Even if your healthcare plan includes some mental health coverage, consider going the extra mile. Offer innovative options like mental health telemedicine services, allowing your team to have easier access to counselors.

Consider allowing support groups to meet in conferencing rooms during lunch breaks or immediately after shifts. Publish digital libraries with helpful mental health information, stress management tips, and similar resources.

By using those approaches, you can give your employees more options for supporting their mental health. As a result, they’ll be more likely to reach out when the need arises.

3. Social Wellness

Social wellness isn’t on most companies’ radars. However, social connections are a critical part of life. After all, people are inherently social creatures. When employees have meaningful relationships in their personal and professional lives, each day is more satisfying overall.

By offering benefits that focus on social wellness, you can facilitate connections among your employees. Monthly lunches or dinners where you don’t spend your time talking about work could be a great place to start. Team-building trips could be another solid option, as well as regular employee appreciation events that encourage mingling.

Allowing for a little social use of company communication resources could also be a wise move. Whether it’s designating channels in your collaboration software for casual conversation or allowing for non-work-related email exchanges, giving your employees space to talk can make a big difference.

4. Time to Volunteer

Many employees have causes that they care about deeply. By offering them paid time off to volunteer for an organization of their choosing, you’re allowing them a chance to make a difference in a way that matters to them.

The volunteer work itself can be incredibly rewarding. However, knowing that their employer is supporting their charitable endeavors makes it all more meaningful. Not only will they feel good about their volunteer efforts, but they’ll also have a more positive opinion of their employer, leading to higher job satisfaction, engagement, and more.

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